Three GNAC Administrators Named To NCAA Committees
From Left: Steve Card, Gary Pine and Randi Lydum.
From Left: Steve Card, Gary Pine and Randi Lydum.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

PORTLAND, Ore. – A trio of Great Northwest Athletic Conference administrators have been appointed to four-year terms on NCAA national committees.

Western Washington athletic director Steve Card was selected to serve on the Division II Championships Committee. Azusa Pacific athletic director Gary Pine will serve on the Division II Football Committee while Western Oregon director of compliance Randi Lydum will serve on the Division II Track and Field Committee. All three individuals will serve on their respective committees through 2021.

As a member of the Championships Committee, Card will be part of the 12-member group responsible for primary oversight of policies and procredures surrounding the division’s 25 championships. The committee oversees the budget and conduct of these championships as well as the qualification and selection procedures of each. The Championships Committee also acts the final authority of appeal regarding Division II championships matters and is responsible for issues involving college all-star football and basketball contests.

Pine and Lydum will serve on sport committees that conduct their respective Division II championships and develop policies and procedures to administer the championship in an efficient and orderly manner. Sport committees report directly to the Championships Committee. Sport committee members also chair regional advisory committees (RACs), oversee selections to national championships and serve as the NCAA representative during preliminary-round competition and championship finals.

Card, Pine and Lydum are among 13 administrators serving on 18 NCAA Division II national committees. In addition, 17 GNAC coaches and administrators serve on regional advisory committees, which help to select the fields for their respective sport’s championships.