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  • The GNAC SAAC Retreat Representatives
    From left to right: (Standing) Josh Hatfield (NNU), Jackson McTier (UAA), Jasmine Miller (WOU), Sydney Azorr (WOU), Kelsea Campbell (Concordia), Jordan Walley (WWU), Chris Moreton (SPU), Ryan Yewchin (SFU), (Crouched) Kate Cryderman (NNU), Patricia Sprecher (UAA), (Sitting) Jasmin Edwards (CWU), Melanie Valdez (CWU), Ellen Kett (SFU), Blair Street (MSUB), Amanda Roark (MSUB), Becca Houk (SPU), Carlos Ortiz (Concordia), Nichole Bathe (UAF) and Jordan Wilson (UAF).
  • Morning Greeting
    The SAAC members meet at the Holiday Inn for the first time.
  • Brian Jamros
    Concordia Athletic Director Brian Jamros greets the SAAC members, giving helpful words of advice.
  • Brian Jamros
  • Hard At Work!
    SAAC members begin meeting to discuss conference and national goals for the committee.
  • Concordia Tour
    SAAC members arrive for their tour of Concordia University.
  • Hilken Community Stadium
    SAAC members check out Concordia's Hilken Community Stadium, which hosts the school's soccer, baseball and softball events.
  • George R. White Library & Learning Center
    The group receives a tour of the Concordia library.
  • Campus Gymasium
    SAAC members check out the athletic facilities.
  • Campus Tour
    Concordia's Carlos Ortiz gives the group a tour of the residence halls.
  • SAAC Interviews
    Central Washington's Melanie Valdez is interviewed for the GNAC SAAC profiles.
  • Women's Soccer Match
    The group watches the women's soccer match between Concordia and Central Washington.
  • Concordia vs. Central Washington
    SAAC members attended the women's soccer match between Concordia and CWU.
  • Undefeated Battle!
    Later that night, the group also attended the volleyball match between 9-0 teams Concordia and Alaska Anchorage.
  • Volleyball
  • Voodoo!
    A couple of Wildcats sit down for some Voodoo doughnuts!
  • More Doughnuts
    SAAC members show off their desserts.
  • Eat Away
    SAAC members sit down to enjoy their Portland delicacy.
  • Name That Doughnut
    Voodoo Doughnut has some of the wackiest flavored doughnuts you can find.
  • Day 1 Complete
    The group poses outside of Voodoo Doughnuts at the end of a great first day!
  • Multnomah Falls
    The group woke up early Sunday for a hike at Multnomah Falls
  • Multnomah Falls
    GNAC Associate Commissioner Bridget Tetteh leads the group on their hike.
  • The Journey Begins
    One more photo before the hike begins.
  • Up the Falls
    Western Washington's Jordan Walley with the GNAC's Bridget Tetteh.
  • At The Top
    The group poses for a shot at the top of the falls.
  • Group Bonding
  • GNAC SAAC Basketball
    SAAC members from the conference's basketball teams put aside their rivalries for a photo.
  • XC and T&F
    GNAC cross country and track and field competitors come together at Multnomah Falls.
  • Coming Together
    Josh Hatfield of Northwest Nazarene baseball, Ryan Yewchin of Simon Fraser wrestling and Patricia Sprecher of Alaska Anchorage ski pose for a photo together.
  • Future SAAC Member
    GNAC Associate Commissioner Bridget Tetteh with future GNAC SAAC representative Arthur!
  • Volunteering With The Timbers
    SAAC members helped volunteer at the Portland Timbers game, selling tickets for the 50/50 raffle.
  • Timbers Game
  • In The Stands
    The group gets a lay of the land at Providence Park.
  • Portland Timbers
  • Ready To Go!
    The group is ready to sell raffle tickets.
  • Hard At Work
  • Providence Park
    The group poses in front of Providence Park, home of the Portland Timbers!