Western Ore. 0

7-3-1, 4-1-1

Simon Fraser 3

7-2-2, 4-0-1

Western Ore.000
Simon Fraser033
October 15, 2023 at 12:00
SFU Stadium at Terry Fox Field , Burnaby, B.C.
Attendance: 109
Scoring Summary
TeamPrdTimePlayer (Assist)Description
SFU2nd48:04Michael Hennessy (Devin O'Hea) curling shot to top right corner from top of penalty area
SFU2nd56:25Koji Poon (Devin O'Hea) 9 knocked in rebound in the middle of 6-yd box
SFU2nd80:55Devin O'Hea (Mads Poulsson) low shot off left post from right side of box, 12 yards out
Western Ore.
1Suarez, Juangk900000
14Millan, Marcomid900000
16Neubeck, Harpermid570000
17Grignon, Alexfwd100000
21Garcia, Jacobmid621000
23Labate, Andresmid682200
25Gomez, Enriquedef900000
26Jimenez, Edsondef452100
28Fisher, Ethandef900000
6Ocampo, Yahirmid570000
7Cisneros, Moisesmid900000
11Villalobos, Abrahamfwd120000
18Luna, Alexismid120000
2Lopez, Tonydef90000
22Hurtado, Nathanmid220000
24March, Chesterdef330000
32Velasco, Alejandro451000
5Brouddus, Aidanmid631100
9Silva, Gabrielfwd452200
Simon Fraser
1Sandhu, Justyngk900000
10Hennessy, Michaelfwd712110
11Toupin, Colemid360000
18O'Hea, Devinfwd885212
2Pound, Tydef900000
23Comuzzi, Christiandef570000
3Papakyriakopoulos, Nikodef901000
4Placzek, Nicolaidef901000
5Zohar, Alimid902000
8Ogden, Hamishmid341100
9Poon, Kojifwd573210
21Strand, Isakfwd20000
24Torresan, Kylemid540000
28Colbourne, Aarondef332000
29Romero, Devimid591000
7Poulsson, Madsmid493201
1Suarez, Juan (L) 0-1-090:0035
1Sandhu, Justyn (W) 1-0-090:0005
1st43:44Yahir OcampoYELLOW
2nd47:37Moises CisnerosYELLOW
2nd77:09Alejandro VelascoYELLOW
1st25:02Cole ToupinYELLOW
2nd77:09Ty PoundYELLOW
Shots (on Goal): 9 (6)
Saves: 5
Offsides: 3
Corner Kicks: 6
Fouls: 11
Yellow Cards: 3
Red Cards: 0
Shots (on Goal): 21 (8)
Saves: 5
Offsides: 0
Corner Kicks: 4
Fouls: 15
Yellow Cards: 2
Red Cards: 0
1st Half2nd Half
Western Ore. Time Score Simon Fraser
Start of 1st Half
00:00Sandhu, Justyn at goalie for Simon Fraser
Suarez, Juan at goalie for Western Ore.00:00
Foul on Millan, Marco.00:57
Offside against Western Ore..01:21
04:03Shot by SFU Placzek, Nicolai, out top.
04:44Foul on Toupin, Cole.
Offside against Western Ore..05:46
06:47Foul on Papakyriakopoulos, Niko.
Shot by WOU Jimenez, Edson, out top.07:27
Foul on Labate, Andres.08:11
09:47Shot by SFU Ogden, Hamish, bottom center, saved by Suarez, Juan.
WOU substitution: Brouddus, Aidan for Grignon, Alex.09:59
11:15Shot by SFU Poon, Koji, out right.
Corner kick [13:23].13:23
14:24SFU substitution: Poulsson, Mads for Ogden, Hamish.
15:01Foul on Hennessy, Michael.
15:48Foul on Placzek, Nicolai.
Offside against Western Ore..18:19
Shot by WOU Labate, Andres, top, saved by Sandhu, Justyn.18:45
Corner kick [19:00].19:00
Shot by WOU Labate, Andres, bottom center, Team save.19:29
20:19Corner kick [20:19].
25:02Yellow card on SFU Toupin, Cole.
Corner kick [25:45].25:45
26:49SFU substitution: Torresan, Kyle for Toupin, Cole.
28:18Shot by SFU Zohar, Ali.
Shot by WOU Jimenez, Edson, bottom right, saved by Sandhu, Justyn.29:33
30:23SFU substitution: Romero, Devi for Poon, Koji.
32:56Shot by SFU Romero, Devi.
33:51Shot by SFU Papakyriakopoulos, Niko.
Shot by WOU Garcia, Jacob.35:23
Corner kick [35:32].35:32
36:53Shot by SFU Zohar, Ali, out top.
37:33Foul on Poulsson, Mads.
38:00Foul on Torresan, Kyle.
39:53Shot by SFU Hennessy, Michael, out right.
41:16Shot by SFU Poulsson, Mads, bottom center, saved by Suarez, Juan.
Yellow card on WOU Ocampo, Yahir.43:44
45:00End of period [45:00].
1st Half2nd Half
Western Ore. Time Score Simon Fraser
Start of 2nd Half
45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
FOR WOU: , #1 Suarez, Juan, #9 Silva, Gabriel, #7 Cisneros, Moises, #14 Millan, Marco, #16 Neubeck, Harper, #11 Villalobos, Abraham, #21 Garcia, Jacob, #23 Labate, Andres, #25 Gomez, Enrique, #32 Velasco, Alejandro, #28 Fisher, Ethan.45:00
45:00FOR SFU: , #1 Sandhu, Justyn, #2 Pound, Ty, #3 Papakyriakopoulos, Niko, #4 Placzek, Nicolai, #5 Zohar, Ali, #9 Poon, Koji, #29 Romero, Devi, #10 Hennessy, Michael, #24 Torresan, Kyle, #18 O'Hea, Devin, #23 Comuzzi, Christian.
45:00SFU substitution: Poon, Koji for Poulsson, Mads.
WOU substitution: Silva, Gabriel for Ocampo, Yahir.45:00
WOU substitution: Villalobos, Abraham for Brouddus, Aidan.45:00
WOU substitution: Velasco, Alejandro for Jimenez, Edson.45:00
Foul on Labate, Andres.46:39
Yellow card on WOU Cisneros, Moises.47:37
48:040-1GOAL by SFU Hennessy, Michael Assist by O'Hea, Devin.
50:37Shot by SFU O'Hea, Devin, out right.
WOU substitution: Brouddus, Aidan for Garcia, Jacob.51:00
Shot by WOU Velasco, Alejandro.52:07
53:07Foul on Comuzzi, Christian.
53:56Corner kick [53:56].
Foul on Brouddus, Aidan.54:42
Shot by WOU Silva, Gabriel, bottom right, saved by Sandhu, Justyn.55:44
56:25Shot by SFU O'Hea, Devin, bottom center, saved by Suarez, Juan.
56:250-2GOAL by SFU Poon, Koji Assist by O'Hea, Devin.
56:25SFU substitution: Colbourne, Aaron for Comuzzi, Christian.
WOU substitution: March, Chester for Neubeck, Harper.56:25
WOU substitution: Ocampo, Yahir for Villalobos, Abraham.56:25
WOU substitution: Hurtado, Nathan for Labate, Andres.56:25
58:29Foul on Romero, Devi.
59:44Shot by SFU O'Hea, Devin, out left.
60:26Shot by SFU O'Hea, Devin.
Foul on Millan, Marco.61:20
62:48Shot by SFU Poon, Koji, bottom right, saved by Suarez, Juan.
63:39Foul on Poon, Koji.
Foul on Ocampo, Yahir.64:17
65:05Foul on Torresan, Kyle.
66:57Foul on Zohar, Ali.
67:35Foul on Placzek, Nicolai.
WOU substitution: Luna, Alexis for Ocampo, Yahir.68:30
70:55SFU substitution: Ogden, Hamish for Hennessy, Michael.
70:55SFU substitution: Poulsson, Mads for Poon, Koji.
Shot by WOU Brouddus, Aidan, bottom left, saved by Sandhu, Justyn.72:40
73:45Foul on O'Hea, Devin.
Shot by WOU Silva, Gabriel, bottom left, saved by Sandhu, Justyn.74:41
Corner kick [74:54].74:54
76:12Shot by SFU Colbourne, Aaron, out top right.
77:09Yellow card on SFU Pound, Ty.
Yellow card on WOU Velasco, Alejandro.77:09
WOU substitution: Garcia, Jacob for Hurtado, Nathan.78:05
78:05SFU substitution: Toupin, Cole for Torresan, Kyle.
WOU substitution: Labate, Andres for Brouddus, Aidan.78:05
79:03Corner kick [79:03].
WOU substitution: Lopez, Tony for Luna, Alexis.80:14
80:37Foul on Ogden, Hamish.
80:550-3GOAL by SFU O'Hea, Devin Assist by Poulsson, Mads.
Foul on Labate, Andres.81:22
Foul on Labate, Andres.82:22
Corner kick [84:56].84:56
87:30Shot by SFU Poulsson, Mads.
87:40SFU substitution: Torresan, Kyle for Toupin, Cole.
87:40SFU substitution: Strand, Isak for O'Hea, Devin.
Foul on Fisher, Ethan.88:38
89:25Shot by SFU Colbourne, Aaron, out left.
89:35Corner kick [89:35].
89:58Shot by SFU Poulsson, Mads, bottom left, saved by Suarez, Juan.
90:00End of period [90:00].