Western Wash. 1

4-4-2, 1-2-1

Simon Fraser 3

5-2-2, 2-0-1

Western Wash.011
Simon Fraser123
October 07, 2023 at 06:00
SFU Stadium at Terry Fox Field , Burnaby, B.C.
Attendance: 389
Scoring Summary
TeamPrdTimePlayer (Assist)Description
SFU1st28:51Michael Hennessy (Mads Poulsson) low shot into right side of the net from the top of 18-yd box
SFU2nd63:48Koji Poon (Michael Hennessy) slotted in to the left side of the net at the top of the 6-yd box
SFU2nd72:40Devin O'Hea (Ali Zohar) low shot from top of area, deflected off defender inside right post
WWU2nd82:20Sebastiano Silvetti (Edgar Serrano) corner into box, 18 hit loose ball into net
Western Wash.
0Locke, Brandongk900000
10Rotter, Andrewfwd650000
13Serrano, Edgarmid701101
16Fernandez, Adanmid581000
17Hutter, Mitchelldef792000
18Silvetti, Sebastianodef791110
19Tesfaye, Krubelledef480000
2Hakamada, Lucasmid713200
23Rains, Elliottmid430000
6Wall, Kaydinmid632000
7Jonsson, Albinfwd612000
11Bunnell, Ericfwd291000
14Hiate, Kyotamid530000
21Tidblom, Joardef610000
22Manning, Hatcherfwd110000
27Miedema, Frankfwd111100
3Anderson, Collinmid322100
5Rotter, Ryanmid660000
Simon Fraser
1Sandhu, Justyngk900000
10Hennessy, Michaelfwd732111
11Toupin, Coledef420000
12Beattie, Callumdef900000
18O'Hea, Devinfwd902110
2Pound, Tydef900000
3Papakyriakopoulos, Nikodef902100
4Placzek, Nicolaidef900000
5Zohar, Alimid900001
8Ogden, Hamishmid891100
9Poon, Kojifwd501110
20Torresan, Ryan170000
23Comuzzi, Christiandef230000
24Torresan, Kyle480000
7Poulsson, Madsmid180001
0Locke, Brandon (L) 0-1-090:0032
1Sandhu, Justyn (W) 1-0-090:0015
Shots (on Goal): 16 (6)
Saves: 2
Offsides: 1
Corner Kicks: 6
Fouls: 7
Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0
Shots (on Goal): 8 (5)
Saves: 5
Offsides: 2
Corner Kicks: 1
Fouls: 9
Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0
1st Half2nd Half
Western Wash. Time Score Simon Fraser
Start of 1st Half
00:00Sandhu, Justyn at goalie for Simon Fraser
Locke, Brandon at goalie for Western Wash.00:00
Corner kick [06:26].06:26
Shot by WWU Hakamada, Lucas, bottom center, saved by Sandhu, Justyn.06:53
07:11Foul on Poon, Koji.
08:03Foul on Toupin, Cole.
Corner kick [09:16].09:16
Shot by WWU Jonsson, Albin, out top.09:42
Foul on Silvetti, Sebastiano.13:13
14:04Corner kick [14:04].
19:22Shot by SFU O'Hea, Devin, out left.
21:14SFU substitution: Poulsson, Mads for Poon, Koji.
22:55Offside against Simon Fraser.
Shot by WWU Hakamada, Lucas.23:48
Shot by WWU Hutter, Mitchell, out left.23:54
WWU substitution: Rotter, Ryan for Rains, Elliott.23:57
WWU substitution: Hiate, Kyota for Wall, Kaydin.25:28
WWU substitution: Anderson, Collin for Fernandez, Adan.25:28
27:02Foul on Zohar, Ali.
28:09Shot by SFU Hennessy, Michael.
28:510-1GOAL by SFU Hennessy, Michael Assist by Poulsson, Mads.
28:51SFU substitution: Torresan, Kyle for Toupin, Cole.
WWU substitution: Tidblom, Joar for Jonsson, Albin.28:51
WWU substitution: Bunnell, Eric for Tesfaye, Krubelle.28:51
Shot by WWU Anderson, Collin, bottom center, saved by Sandhu, Justyn.29:23
29:47Offside against Simon Fraser.
32:34Foul on Torresan, Kyle.
Shot by WWU Serrano, Edgar, bottom left, saved by Sandhu, Justyn.37:01
Foul on Anderson, Collin.37:43
38:21SFU substitution: Torresan, Ryan for Poulsson, Mads.
38:21SFU substitution: Comuzzi, Christian for Hennessy, Michael.
41:02Foul on Comuzzi, Christian.
Corner kick [42:34].42:34
Foul on Rotter, Ryan.44:56
45:00End of period [45:00].
1st Half2nd Half
Western Wash. Time Score Simon Fraser
Start of 2nd Half
45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
FOR WWU: , #0 Locke, Brandon, #2 Hakamada, Lucas, #14 Hiate, Kyota, #21 Tidblom, Joar, #10 Rotter, Andrew, #6 Wall, Kaydin, #7 Jonsson, Albin, #17 Hutter, Mitchell, #18 Silvetti, Sebastiano, #16 Fernandez, Adan, #5 Rotter, Ryan.45:00
45:00FOR SFU: , #1 Sandhu, Justyn, #2 Pound, Ty, #3 Papakyriakopoulos, Niko, #4 Placzek, Nicolai, #5 Zohar, Ali, #8 Ogden, Hamish, #9 Poon, Koji, #10 Hennessy, Michael, #11 Toupin, Cole, #12 Beattie, Callum, #18 O'Hea, Devin.
45:00SFU substitution: Poon, Koji for Torresan, Ryan.
45:00SFU substitution: Hennessy, Michael for Comuzzi, Christian.
45:00SFU substitution: Toupin, Cole for Torresan, Kyle.
WWU substitution: Wall, Kaydin for Serrano, Edgar.45:00
WWU substitution: Jonsson, Albin for Anderson, Collin.45:00
WWU substitution: Fernandez, Adan for Bunnell, Eric.45:00
46:08Foul on Toupin, Cole.
Shot by WWU Jonsson, Albin, left woodwork.46:36
50:29Shot by SFU Papakyriakopoulos, Niko, bottom center, saved by Locke, Brandon.
Shot by WWU Fernandez, Adan.53:57
Shot by WWU Wall, Kaydin, out top.54:10
Shot by WWU Hutter, Mitchell, out right.57:01
57:10SFU substitution: Torresan, Kyle for Toupin, Cole.
Shot by WWU Wall, Kaydin.59:16
Shot by WWU Hakamada, Lucas, bottom right, saved by Sandhu, Justyn.62:16
63:480-2GOAL by SFU Poon, Koji Assist by Hennessy, Michael.
WWU substitution: Serrano, Edgar for Rotter, Andrew.64:05
Foul on Hakamada, Lucas.65:40
66:22Shot by SFU Papakyriakopoulos, Niko, out left.
68:08Foul on O'Hea, Devin.
68:28Foul on Papakyriakopoulos, Niko.
Corner kick [70:18].70:18
WWU substitution: Rains, Elliott for Hakamada, Lucas.70:22
WWU substitution: Tesfaye, Krubelle for Silvetti, Sebastiano.70:22
72:400-3GOAL by SFU O'Hea, Devin Assist by Zohar, Ali.
72:40SFU substitution: Comuzzi, Christian for Poon, Koji.
73:41Foul on Zohar, Ali.
Foul on Rotter, Ryan.75:06
WWU substitution: Bunnell, Eric for Fernandez, Adan.77:00
WWU substitution: Anderson, Collin for Jonsson, Albin.77:00
WWU substitution: Miedema, Frank for Hiate, Kyota.79:00
79:00SFU substitution: Torresan, Ryan for Hennessy, Michael.
WWU substitution: Manning, Hatcher for Hutter, Mitchell.79:00
Shot by WWU Anderson, Collin, out left.80:43
Shot by WWU Miedema, Frank, bottom right, saved by Sandhu, Justyn.81:49
WWU substitution: Silvetti, Sebastiano for Wall, Kaydin.81:57
Corner kick [82:04].82:04
GOAL by WWU Silvetti, Sebastiano Assist by Serrano, Edgar.82:201-3
82:28Shot by SFU Ogden, Hamish, bottom left, saved by Locke, Brandon.
Offside against Western Wash..87:10
88:40SFU substitution: Poulsson, Mads for Ogden, Hamish.
Corner kick [89:03].89:03
Shot by WWU Bunnell, Eric.89:17
Foul on Tidblom, Joar.89:28
90:00End of period [90:00].