Saint Martin's 0

2-2-0, 0-0-0

Chico St. 5

4-0-0, 0-0-0

Saint Martin's000
Chico St.235
September 09, 2023 at 03:30
SFU Stadium , Burnaby, B.C.
Attendance: 58
Scoring Summary
TeamPrdTimePlayer (Assist)Description
CSUC1st01:50Miles Rice (Dawson White) tapped in by 5 in the middle of 6-yd box off cross from right side
CSUC1st22:42Justin Ricketts (Adrian Fontanelli) header in close at left goal post off corner
CSUC2nd68:58Preston Moll (Adrian Fontanelli) low topspin shot from top left of 18-yd box into the right side of the net
CSUC2nd81:16Preston Moll (Bryan Manriquez) shot from top of 18-yd box deflected off SMU defender
CSUC2nd83:27Kameron Kascht (Sylus Sells) 18 tapped in rebound inside the 6-yd box, first shot by 31
Saint Martin's
1Mueller, Nickgk280000
10Andrade, Diegomid820000
13McLellan, Nathanmid821000
17Gill, Arjunmid802100
19Alvarado-Fajardo, Angelfwd900000
2Kobata, Sethdef900000
21Shooshan, Danieldef750000
5Kreider, Cameronfwd430000
6Gaunder, Haydendef750000
7Selanikio, Seanmid900000
9Licona, Briandef900000
11Lopez, Paulmid100000
12Gutierrez, Elijahmid81100
15Settle, Davidmid620000
16Tornquist, Erick150000
24Leistiko, Conner620000
25Singh, Paarthdef80000
Chico St.
1Padilla, Emanuelgk750000
10Fontanelli, Adrianmid901102
11Ross, Noah462000
13White, Dawsondef510001
15Zarate, Carsondef840000
16Moll, Prestondef763220
28Burnison, Jacobdef750000
4Manriquez, Bryan531101
5Rice, Milesfwd502110
8Hotaling, Caydenmid381100
9Syrengelas, Vasiliosfwd312000
0Bost, Lucasgk150000
12Moll, Joshmid410000
14Brown, Kristoffermid432000
17Douglas, Thomasfwd60000
18Kascht, Kameronfwd231110
19Allard, Colbymid81000
2Ricketts, Justindef511110
23Miller, Liamdef150000
26Redman, Luke60000
3Ralph, Benjaminmid690000
31Sells, Sylusmid302101
32Hunter, Dillondef140000
1Mueller, Nick (L) 0-1-027:5222
24Leistiko, Conner62:0832
0Bost, Lucas15:5801
1Padilla, Emanuel (W) 1-0-074:0201
1st03:24Sean SelanikioYELLOW
2nd53:22Vasilios SyrengelasYELLOW
Shots (on Goal): 4 (2)
Saves: 4
Offsides: 3
Corner Kicks: 6
Fouls: 10
Yellow Cards: 1
Red Cards: 0
Shots (on Goal): 19 (9)
Saves: 2
Offsides: 2
Corner Kicks: 6
Fouls: 10
Yellow Cards: 1
Red Cards: 0
1st Half2nd Half
Saint Martin's Time Score Chico St.
Start of 1st Half
00:00Padilla, Emanuel at goalie for Chico St.
Mueller, Nick at goalie for Saint Martin's00:00
01:500-1GOAL by CSUC Rice, Miles Assist by White, Dawson.
Corner kick [02:24].02:24
Yellow card on SMU Selanikio, Sean.03:24
Corner kick [04:13].04:13
Shot by SMU Gill, Arjun, bottom left, saved by Padilla, Emanuel.07:10
Offside against Saint Martin's.07:51
08:35Shot by CSUC Syrengelas, Vasilios.
Foul on Andrade, Diego.09:24
09:56Corner kick [09:56].
12:48Corner kick [12:48].
13:19Shot by CSUC Moll, Preston, out right.
15:43Foul on Rice, Miles.
16:35Shot by CSUC Hotaling, Cayden, bottom left, saved by Mueller, Nick.
Foul on Gill, Arjun.18:03
18:50Shot by CSUC Rice, Miles, top woodwork.
20:45CSUC substitution: Ricketts, Justin for Hotaling, Cayden.
20:45CSUC substitution: Ralph, Benjamin for Syrengelas, Vasilios.
20:45CSUC substitution: Brown, Kristoffer for Ross, Noah.
SMU substitution: Settle, David for Kreider, Cameron.20:45
22:09Shot by CSUC Manriquez, Bryan, top left, saved by Mueller, Nick.
22:19Corner kick [22:19].
22:420-2GOAL by CSUC Ricketts, Justin Assist by Fontanelli, Adrian.
Foul on Gill, Arjun.23:33
Corner kick [24:56].24:56
Foul on Andrade, Diego.25:42
SMU substitution: Leistiko, Conner for Mueller, Nick.27:52
30:20Foul on Fontanelli, Adrian.
31:42CSUC substitution: Kascht, Kameron for Manriquez, Bryan.
31:42CSUC substitution: Moll, Josh for Rice, Miles.
32:10CSUC substitution: Sells, Sylus for White, Dawson.
Foul on Settle, David.33:12
34:02Offside against Chico St..
36:17Shot by CSUC Fontanelli, Adrian, bottom left, saved by Leistiko, Conner.
Foul on Shooshan, Daniel.37:25
37:50Shot by CSUC Brown, Kristoffer, out top.
38:37CSUC substitution: Hunter, Dillon for Brown, Kristoffer.
38:37CSUC substitution: Douglas, Thomas for Moll, Preston.
Foul on Selanikio, Sean.39:56
41:17Corner kick [41:17].
42:11Foul on Sells, Sylus.
45:00End of period [45:00].
1st Half2nd Half
Saint Martin's Time Score Chico St.
Start of 2nd Half
45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
FOR SMU: , #24 Leistiko, Conner, #2 Kobata, Seth, #15 Settle, David, #6 Gaunder, Hayden, #7 Selanikio, Sean, #9 Licona, Brian, #10 Andrade, Diego, #13 McLellan, Nathan, #17 Gill, Arjun, #19 Alvarado-Fajardo, Angel, #21 Shooshan, Daniel.45:00
45:00FOR CSUC: , #1 Padilla, Emanuel, #5 Rice, Miles, #12 Moll, Josh, #2 Ricketts, Justin, #3 Ralph, Benjamin, #10 Fontanelli, Adrian, #9 Syrengelas, Vasilios, #31 Sells, Sylus, #15 Zarate, Carson, #16 Moll, Preston, #28 Burnison, Jacob.
45:00CSUC substitution: Rice, Miles for Kascht, Kameron.
45:00CSUC substitution: Syrengelas, Vasilios for Hunter, Dillon.
45:00CSUC substitution: Moll, Preston for Douglas, Thomas.
48:32Foul on Ralph, Benjamin.
49:31Shot by CSUC Sells, Sylus, out top.
Foul on McLellan, Nathan.51:07
51:39Shot by CSUC Syrengelas, Vasilios, top woodwork.
53:22Yellow card on CSUC Syrengelas, Vasilios.
54:22CSUC substitution: Brown, Kristoffer for Syrengelas, Vasilios.
55:21Foul on Sells, Sylus.
56:32CSUC substitution: Ross, Noah for Sells, Sylus.
58:11Offside against Chico St..
59:51Foul on Zarate, Carson.
62:20CSUC substitution: Manriquez, Bryan for Rice, Miles.
62:20CSUC substitution: Hotaling, Cayden for Moll, Josh.
Shot by SMU McLellan, Nathan, left woodwork.64:06
Corner kick [64:15].64:15
65:27Shot by CSUC Ross, Noah, out top left.
65:42CSUC substitution: White, Dawson for Ricketts, Justin.
Corner kick [66:40].66:40
SMU substitution: Kreider, Cameron for Settle, David.67:29
68:20Shot by CSUC Brown, Kristoffer, out left.
68:26Corner kick [68:26].
68:580-3GOAL by CSUC Moll, Preston Assist by Fontanelli, Adrian.
Foul on Shooshan, Daniel.69:22
69:43Foul on Manriquez, Bryan.
Shot by SMU Gill, Arjun, out top right.70:45
71:35Shot by CSUC Ross, Noah, out left.
74:02CSUC substitution: Bost, Lucas for Padilla, Emanuel.
74:02CSUC substitution: Miller, Liam for Burnison, Jacob.
SMU substitution: Settle, David for Shooshan, Daniel.74:02
SMU substitution: Tornquist, Erick for Gaunder, Hayden.74:02
77:35Foul on Brown, Kristoffer.
78:24Foul on Fontanelli, Adrian.
79:47CSUC substitution: Kascht, Kameron for Hotaling, Cayden.
79:47CSUC substitution: Moll, Josh for Brown, Kristoffer.
SMU substitution: Lopez, Paul for Gill, Arjun.79:47
80:06Corner kick [80:06].
Foul on Lopez, Paul.80:46
81:160-4GOAL by CSUC Moll, Preston Assist by Manriquez, Bryan.
81:13CSUC substitution: Allard, Colby for Ross, Noah.
81:13CSUC substitution: Hunter, Dillon for Moll, Preston.
SMU substitution: Singh, Paarth for Andrade, Diego.81:13
SMU substitution: Gutierrez, Elijah for McLellan, Nathan.81:13
83:12CSUC substitution: Redman, Luke for Manriquez, Bryan.
83:12CSUC substitution: Sells, Sylus for White, Dawson.
83:12CSUC substitution: Ricketts, Justin for Zarate, Carson.
83:26Shot by CSUC Sells, Sylus, bottom center, saved by Leistiko, Conner.
83:270-5GOAL by CSUC Kascht, Kameron Assist by Sells, Sylus.
Offside against Saint Martin's.85:21
86:19Foul on Ralph, Benjamin.
Shot by SMU Gutierrez, Elijah, bottom left, saved by Bost, Lucas.87:05
Corner kick [87:12].87:12
Offside against Saint Martin's.88:02
89:03Shot by CSUC Allard, Colby, out right.
90:00End of period [90:00].