Coach Spotlight: Central Washington's Michael Farrand
Entering his 18th year at Central Washington, Michael Farrand has led CWU to top-half GNAC finishes each of the last four years.
Entering his 18th year at Central Washington, Michael Farrand has led CWU to top-half GNAC finishes each of the last four years.

Friday, July 6, 2018

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Name: Michael Farrand
Sport: Women’s Soccer
School: Central Washington
San Diego, Calif.

Colleges Attended & Degrees: Point Loma Nazarene University (Undergraduate, Physical Education & Secondary Education), Central Washington University (Graduate, Athletic Administration)

Why Did You Become A Coach: Coaching is the greatest job in the world. Every day you get to work with great women who play great soccer. Soccer as a sport allows for a tremendous amount of growth and creativity both at the team level and at the individual level. Coaching allows me to give back to a sport that has done so much for me personally and professionally.

Who Has Influenced You The Most As A Coach - Either As An Inspiration, A Mentor, Or Philosophically: My college coach, Leon Kugler. He is the greatest, most loving man I have ever known. He taught me that every player has a role and every player is important.

Biggest Obstacle Overcome As A Coach: Building or changing the culture of a program that is on the bottom is actually the hardest job to do as a coaching professional.

What Does Division II Mean To You: Division II means that you can be a great student-athlete! Our students are awesome. They get to compete at a high level and, most of all, after they leave our university they are very successful in their careers and in life.

Extracurricular Activities: I am an action junkie. Anything outside, anything semi-dangerous and exciting.

Best Advice You Would Give To Student-Athletes: Your education is the most important aspect of your college career, make sure that part fits first. Playing soccer is the bonus and a privilege, not a right owed to you. Your college experience should include a great education, great soccer and teammates who are life-long friends.

Favorite Sports Team: I am a homer, so it would be San Diego Padres. Ex-San Diego Chargers fan. Soccer - Arsenal forever.

Favorite Athlete: Michelle Akers – US Women’s National Team.

Most Memorable Sports-Related Moment: This past season advancing to the second round of the NCAAs!