GNAC Tiebreaker for Postseason Tournament Seeding

Ties for any conference tournament berth will be broken using the following formulas:

Two-Team Tie
• Head-to-head competition (GNAC games only)
• Compare each team’s record vs. teams occupying the highest position in the regular-season standings. The process shall continue by comparing records against each succeeding finish until the tie is broken.
• The team which allowed the fewest runs in games involving the tied teams will earn the higher seed.
• Run differential comparison against two tied teams (i.e., runs scored minus runs allowed, up to a maximum of eight runs per game).
• The winner of the last match-up between the two teams
• Coin flip administered by the conference office.          

Multiple Team Tie (when more than two teams tie at a position)
• Head-to-head competition. The tying teams’ regular-season head-to-head competition records in GNAC games shall be evaluated to determine if a team (or teams) has an advantage in wins. (If multiple ties are reduced to two teams, the ranking for the remaining teams is resolved by following tie-breaking procedures described in two-team tiebreaker).

• If does not resolve the tie or reduce the multiple tie to two teams, then a comparison of the team’s record against the other conference places of finish (beginning at the highest position), shall be completed. The evaluation process shall continue against each succeeding team until the tie is broken.

Excessive Ties (when more than one tie occurs in the standings)
When comparing teams tied at one position in the standings against teams tied at another position, those tied in the other position shall, for purposes of comparison, be considered a single unit.

Example: Team A and Team B are tied for first place and are being compared against Team X and Team Y, who are tied for third place. Team A’s combined record versus Team X and Team Y shall be compared with Team B’s combined record versus Team X and Team Y.