SAAC Retreat (Anchorage)
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  • SAAC in GNAC Country
    SAAC representatives look out to the ocean during their retreat in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • SAAC Representatives
    From left to right: Andrea Hamada of Central Washington, Kevin Rooke of Alaska Anchorage, Ryan Yewchin of Simon Fraser, Spencer Dodd of Saint Martin's, Aubrey Conceicao of Montana State Billings, Gracie Dyer of Saint Martin's, Michael Gordon of Northwest Nazarene, David Ferguson of Seattle Pacific, Nicole Anderson of Western Oregon, Jordan Walley of Western Washington, Mats Eriksson of Alaska Fairbanks and Carlos Ortiz of Concordia.
  • SAAC Representatives
  • SAAC at the Alaska Airlines Center
    The SAAC representatives from the 11 GNAC schools stand in front of the newly constructed Alaska Airlines Center, home of the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves.
  • Alaska Airlines Center Scoreboard
    Alaska Airlines Center Scoreboard
  • SAAC at Cuddy Hall
    The SAAC reps wait outside Cuddy Hall during the 2014-15 SAAC retreat.
  • Talking at the UAA Campus
    GNAC school SAAC representatives talk on the campus of Alaska Anchorage while geese walk past
  • Venturing Away from the Group
  • Venturing Away from the Group
  • Meeting Room
  • Speaking
  • Walking Through Campus
    The SAAC group walks through the campus of Alaska Anchorage during the retreat.
  • Studying in Alaska
    The student-athletes take time to research and discuss different issues at their respective schools.
  • Meeting
  • More Research & Discussion
    The SAAC representatives talk together about issues and opportunities during the 2014-15 SAAC retreat.
  • SAAC Members
    From left: Carlos Ortiz (Concordia), Spencer Dodd (SMU), Aubrey Conceicao (MSUB), David Ferguson (SPU) and Michael Gordon (NNU).
  • View of Alaska
  • Bears in Alaska
  • Bridget & Baby with a Moose
    GNAC assistant commissioner Bridget Johnson Tetteh and her baby watch a moose during the SAAC retreat in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Group on the Table
  • Overlooking the Ocean
  • Group Photo
    The SAAC representatives at the retreat in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • SAAC Group in Alaska
    The 2014-15 SAAC retreat was held at the campus of Alaska Anchorage.
  • SAAC in Alaska
  • SAAC Members