Simon Fraser 3

8-6-0, 5-3-0

Seattle Pacific 4

11-2-1, 5-1-1

Simon Fraser123
Seattle Pacific134
November 04, 2021 at 07:00
Interbay Stadium , Seattle
Attendance: 337
Scoring Summary
TeamPrdTimePlayer (Assist)Description
SF1st14:59Conrad Cheng (Mark Talisuna) 15yds left footer to center from thru ball
SPU1st30:14Travis Swallow14yds finish to low left after long dribbling run
SPU2nd47:05Alex Mejia (Aidan Thrall) 8yd volley into upper right
SPU2nd54:42Judah JohnstonGoal line tap in from cross that slipped by keeper
SPU2nd59:18Travis Swallow (Aidan Thrall, Titus Grant) 4yds flicked in traffic from low left side cross
SF2nd68:00Brody Thomas (Niko Papakyriakopoulos, Bjorn Borren) 7yd lunging header from left side cross
SF2nd87:40Bjorn Borren (Joey Mijaljevic) 14yds chipped to top right after steal
Simon Fraser
12Borren, Bjornmid812111
13Meier, Justusmid642100
15McBride, Owendef900000
20Talisuna, Markmid901001
21Papakyriakopoulos, Nikodef903001
27Bain, Aidangk900000
32Dhillion, Tylerfwd900000
4Masi, Simonedef900000
5Zohar, Alimid900000
7Cheng, Conradfwd151110
8Glennon, Connorfwd611000
10Rahiem, Rahidmid660000
24Thomas, Brodydef352210
3Mijaljevic, Joeymid380001
Seattle Pacific
1Helleren, Larsgk900000
11Grant, Titusfwd622001
12Mejia, Alexfwd753210
17Johnston, Judahfwd692110
18Thrall, Aidandef900002
20Aune, Evandef900000
21Alvarez, Demianmid900000
22Benavides, Josemid670000
23Reierson, Nikdef900000
24Speer, Tylermid500000
7Swallow, Travismid843320
10Ali, Musafwd170000
13Stapleton, Aaronmid230000
14Gortner, Owenfwd150000
2Ferry, Jakefwd320000
25Van Horn, Joeymid61000
8Chaparro, Aidanmid400000
27Bain, Aidan (L) 0-1-090:0042
1Helleren, Lars (W) 1-0-090:0032
2nd54:02Justus MeierYELLOW
2nd70:12Simone MasiYELLOW
2nd87:40Rahid RahiemYELLOW
2nd87:40Brody ThomasYELLOW
2nd87:40Aidan ThrallYELLOW
Shots (on Goal): 12 (5)
Saves: 2
Offsides: 0
Corner Kicks: 3
Fouls: 18
Yellow Cards: 4
Red Cards: 0
Shots (on Goal): 11 (6)
Saves: 2
Offsides: 1
Corner Kicks: 4
Fouls: 12
Yellow Cards: 1
Red Cards: 0
1st Half2nd Half
Simon Fraser Time Score Seattle Pacific
Start of 1st Half
00:00Helleren, Lars at goalie for Seattle Pacific
Bain, Aidan at goalie for Simon Fraser00:00
00:32Foul on Johnston, Judah.
02:15Corner kick [02:15].
02:40Corner kick [02:40].
03:28Foul on Johnston, Judah.
04:26Foul on Alvarez, Demian.
Shot by SF Talisuna, Mark, out top.05:04
Foul on Papakyriakopoulos, Niko.06:01
07:08Foul on Swallow, Travis.
Foul on Borren, Bjorn.09:24
GOAL by SF Cheng, Conrad Assist by Talisuna, Mark.14:591-0
SF substitution: Rahiem, Rahid for Cheng, Conrad.14:59
16:48Shot by SPU Grant, Titus, out top right.
Foul on McBride, Owen.21:35
Foul on Borren, Bjorn.22:06
Foul on Rahiem, Rahid.22:58
Foul on Rahiem, Rahid.26:53
27:30Shot by SPU Mejia, Alex, out top.
27:45SPU substitution: Ferry, Jake for Grant, Titus.
27:45SPU substitution: Chaparro, Aidan for Speer, Tyler.
Foul on Zohar, Ali.29:25
30:141-1GOAL by SPU Swallow, Travis.
33:20Foul on Ferry, Jake.
Shot by SF Meier, Justus, out left.34:13
Foul on Glennon, Connor.34:31
36:05Foul on Mejia, Alex.
Shot by SF Meier, Justus, bottom right, saved by Helleren, Lars.37:17
Corner kick [37:33].37:33
38:34SPU substitution: Ali, Musa for Swallow, Travis.
38:34SPU substitution: Stapleton, Aaron for Mejia, Alex.
38:34SPU substitution: Gortner, Owen for Johnston, Judah.
38:34SPU substitution: Van Horn, Joey for Benavides, Jose.
Foul on Masi, Simone.38:59
Shot by SF Borren, Bjorn.40:14
Corner kick [40:19].40:19
43:39Corner kick [43:39].
44:33Shot by SPU Van Horn, Joey, out top.
45:00End of period [45:00].
1st Half2nd Half
Simon Fraser Time Score Seattle Pacific
Start of 2nd Half
45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
FOR SF: , #27 Bain, Aidan, #4 Masi, Simone, #5 Zohar, Ali, #10 Rahiem, Rahid, #12 Borren, Bjorn, #13 Meier, Justus, #15 McBride, Owen, #8 Glennon, Connor, #20 Talisuna, Mark, #21 Papakyriakopoulos, Niko, #32 Dhillion, Tyler.45:00
45:00FOR SPU: , #1 Helleren, Lars, #7 Swallow, Travis, #11 Grant, Titus, #12 Mejia, Alex, #17 Johnston, Judah, #18 Thrall, Aidan, #20 Aune, Evan, #21 Alvarez, Demian, #22 Benavides, Jose, #23 Reierson, Nik, #24 Speer, Tyler.
45:00SPU substitution: Swallow, Travis for Ali, Musa.
45:00SPU substitution: Grant, Titus for Ferry, Jake.
45:00SPU substitution: Mejia, Alex for Stapleton, Aaron.
45:00SPU substitution: Johnston, Judah for Gortner, Owen.
45:00SPU substitution: Benavides, Jose for Van Horn, Joey.
45:00SPU substitution: Speer, Tyler for Chaparro, Aidan.
46:08Foul on Speer, Tyler.
47:051-2GOAL by SPU Mejia, Alex Assist by Thrall, Aidan.
Foul on Glennon, Connor.48:25
49:27Shot by SPU Mejia, Alex, bottom center, saved by Bain, Aidan.
SF substitution: Mijaljevic, Joey for Rahiem, Rahid.51:40
Yellow card on SF Meier, Justus.54:02
54:421-3GOAL by SPU Johnston, Judah.
SF substitution: Thomas, Brody for Borren, Bjorn.54:42
Foul on Meier, Justus.55:30
55:42Shot by SPU Swallow, Travis, bottom left, saved by Bain, Aidan.
55:51Foul on Mejia, Alex.
Foul on Talisuna, Mark.56:30
Shot by SF Glennon, Connor, out left.57:29
59:181-4GOAL by SPU Swallow, Travis Assist by Thrall, Aidan and Grant, Titus.
Foul on Glennon, Connor.59:38
60:16Shot by SPU Johnston, Judah, out top left.
SF substitution: Rahiem, Rahid for Glennon, Connor.60:30
63:03Shot by SPU Grant, Titus, out left.
SF substitution: Borren, Bjorn for Meier, Justus.63:18
Foul on Borren, Bjorn.65:25
66:09SPU substitution: Ferry, Jake for Johnston, Judah.
66:09SPU substitution: Chaparro, Aidan for Speer, Tyler.
Foul on Masi, Simone.66:37
GOAL by SF Thomas, Brody Assist by Papakyriakopoulos, Niko and Borren, Bjorn.68:002-4
68:52Offside against Seattle Pacific.
70:07SPU substitution: Stapleton, Aaron for Benavides, Jose.
Yellow card on SF Masi, Simone.70:12
72:02Foul on Mejia, Alex.
72:34SPU substitution: Gortner, Owen for Mejia, Alex.
Shot by SF Papakyriakopoulos, Niko.73:06
Foul on Dhillion, Tyler.73:21
Shot by SF Papakyriakopoulos, Niko, out left.75:59
76:16SPU substitution: Ali, Musa for Grant, Titus.
Foul on Borren, Bjorn.76:45
Shot by SF Papakyriakopoulos, Niko, out left.78:11
Shot by SF Thomas, Brody, top, saved by Helleren, Lars.79:25
Corner kick [79:34].79:34
Foul on McBride, Owen.80:06
81:11SPU substitution: Mejia, Alex for Gortner, Owen.
81:11SPU substitution: Johnston, Judah for Ferry, Jake.
83:04Foul on Mejia, Alex.
84:20Foul on Swallow, Travis.
GOAL by SF Borren, Bjorn Assist by Mijaljevic, Joey.87:403-4
Yellow card on SF Rahiem, Rahid.87:40
Yellow card on SF Thomas, Brody.87:40
87:40Yellow card on SPU Thrall, Aidan.
87:40SPU substitution: Grant, Titus for Ali, Musa.
87:40SPU substitution: Benavides, Jose for Stapleton, Aaron.
89:38Corner kick [89:38].
90:00End of period [90:00].