SAAC Spotlight: Montana State Billings' Jordan Lahi
Jordan Lahi posted a season-best mark of 35 feet, 10.5 inches in the shot put at the Dickinson State Last Chance Meet on May 6 in Dickinson, North Dakota.
Jordan Lahi posted a season-best mark of 35 feet, 10.5 inches in the shot put at the Dickinson State Last Chance Meet on May 6 in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Part of a regular series.

Throughout the year, uses this space to profile conference student-athletes who are members of their respective institutions’ Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). In addition to providing feedback on the student-athlete experience, conference and institutional SAAC members also offer input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes’ lives on NCAA member institution campuses.

Name: Jordan Lahi
Track and Field
Montana State University Billings
Health and Human Performance
Zuni, New Mexico

Why Did You Choose To Attend Montana State Billings?: I thought Montana State Billings would be the best fit for me to achieve my academic, athletic and personal goals.

What Is Your Favorite Class You Have Taken And Why?: My favorite class was Marriage and Family. This class was interesting because I was able to relate the content to all of the relationships that I build for my life. I learned that communication is key for a successful relationship, whether it’s with family, friends, colleagues or spouses.

Who Is Your Favorite Professor And What Did You Enjoy About Learning From Him Or Her?: My favorite professor was Tia Collins at Highland Community College. The information I learned while taking her classes connected to all of my other classes in one way or another.

Years Involved In SAAC: One year.

The Reason You Chose To Get Involved In SAAC: I chose to get involved in SAAC because I wanted to make positive changes on campus.

How Do You Feel Participating In SAAC Will Help You In Life After You Graduate?: Participating in SAAC will help me after I graduate because I will be able to handle any responsibilities and overcome obstacles to help achieve my goals.

What Does It Mean To You To Be A Division II Student-Athlete?: This is the biggest honor and privilege for me, especially after I was a walk-on at two different community colleges before this year. It’s also important because I am a Native American student-athlete from the Pueblo of Zuni.

What Is The Most Important Thing You’ve Learned About Balancing Athletics And Academics?: This is like a full-time job. I have to stay healthy, study for classes, train to become the best athlete and maintain any other responsibilities.

Biggest Obstacle Overcome During Your Collegiate Career: Finding scholarships and financial aid to help cover the cost of attending college. It was also hard for me to transfer from school to school and have to start the recruiting process all over again.

Favorite Thing About Competing In The GNAC: Montana has a lot of nice scenery.

If You Could Change One NCAA Rule, It Would Be: I would allow student-athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness.

Best Advice You’d Give To An Incoming Freshman: Learn how to be resilient. Build an ideal skill set, take care of your academics and build a strong work ethic.

If You Could Spend The Day With One Person (Past Or Present), Who Would It Be (And Why)?: I would spend the day with Mike Tyson because I would be able to gain wisdom from someone who has experienced all of the highs and lows in life.

Extracurricular Activities: I am a member of SAAC and a sports reporter for The Retort, our school newspaper.

Future Goals After Graduation: I want to become a graduate assistant coach in track and field while I earn a master’s degree in either athletic training or physical therapy.

Favorite Sports Teams: Denver Broncos and New York Yankees.

Favorite Athlete: Jim Thorpe.

One Thing People Don’t Know About You Is: I am a full-blooded Native American student-athlete from the Pueblo of Zuni. I am part of the sandhill crane and eagle tribal clans.