SAAC Spotlight: Saint Martin's Katherine Swor
Saint Martin's Katherine Swor finished the 2021 season with an 84.4 stroke average over 10 rounds and a top-10 finish at April's Western Washington Invitational.
Saint Martin's Katherine Swor finished the 2021 season with an 84.4 stroke average over 10 rounds and a top-10 finish at April's Western Washington Invitational.
Katherine Swor
Katherine Swor

Friday, May 28, 2021

Part of a regular series.

Throughout the year, uses this space to profile conference student-athletes who are members of their respective institutions’ Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). In addition to providing feedback on the student-athlete experience, conference and institutional SAAC members also offer input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes’ lives on NCAA member institution campuses.

Name: Katherine Swor
Women's Golf
Saint Martin's University
Makawao, Hawaii

Why Did You Choose To Attend Saint Martin’s?: I chose to attend Saint Martin's so I could earn a degree while playing the sport that I love the most at a competitive level. The community at Saint Martin's is like a big family. Although the campus is small, the hearts of these people are huge.

What Is Your Favorite Class You Have Taken And Why?: My favorite class was Gender and Identity Studies. I grew up in a strict household, so I wasn’t exposed to a lot of different perspectives. I learned a lot about gender identity, what it means to be a minority and the importance of embracing diversity. This class allowed me to understand how my identity influences my actions.

Who Is Your Favorite Professor And What Did You Enjoy About Learning From Him Or Her?: My favorite professor is Keri Graham. She represents the idea of an independent and educated woman who isn’t afraid to demonstrate her extensive knowledge. She always talked about current events and knows a lot about a wide range of topics. She taught with engaging material and was able to have interesting discussions with her students.

Years Involved In SAAC: Two years.

The Reason You Chose To Get Involved In SAAC: I chose to get involved in SAAC because I thought it would be fun to represent the women's golf team. Since we are so small compared to the other sports teams, we are underrepresented and overlooked. I can help make a difference by contributing ideas during meetings, learning about upcoming events and activities and guiding my team.

Most Memorable SAAC Activity To Date: My most memorable SAAC activity is the Marty Awards. I think this is a fun event to celebrate student-athletes after a year of hard work.

How Do You Feel Participating In SAAC Will Help You In Life After You Graduate?: Participating in SAAC will help me to learn leadership and communication skills. Before joining SAAC, I was hesitant to speak my mind. Now, I am able to stand up for myself and speak well in public.

What Does It Mean To You To Be A Division II Student-Athlete?: It means that I am a representation of my college in a unique way. I show my pride through my athletic achievements. Being a student-athlete shows that I can balance my education with sports.

What Is The Most Important Thing You’ve Learned About Balancing Athletics And Academics?: I developed a lot of time management skills. With practices, traveling and schoolwork, it all gets overwhelming at times. Having a schedule to stick to helps.

Biggest Obstacle Overcome During Your Collegiate Career: My biggest obstacle has been overcoming multiple episodes of deep depression. My mood is constantly swinging and I encounter instances of wanting to give up on everything. Depression can take the passion and love away, but I keep pushing because I have been golfing for 13 years and I love it.

Favorite Thing About Competing In The GNAC: Being able to travel around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Most Memorable Sports-Related Moment: Being named the GNAC Women’s Golf Player of the Week last season. I am proud of that achievement because I worked so hard at practice.

Current Mentor(s): Bob Grisham, Anne Bahr and Alice Brecht.

Best Advice You’d Give To An Incoming Freshman: Believe in yourself. In sports, you sometimes go up against teammates and competitors who are better or more experienced than you. Don’t let that scare you. You were chosen to play for a reason. In academics, try to complete everything before the due date.

If You Could Spend The Day With One Person (Past Or Present), Who Would It Be (And Why)?: I would spend the day with my mom. She passed away a year ago and I miss her a lot. If we could hang out for a day, I would go hiking with her at some national park or walk through a huge garden filled with beautiful flowers.

Extracurricular Activities: I am in the Hawaii Club and the Psychology Club. I am also a writing tutor.

Future Goals After Graduation: I want to work for the Peace Corps, attend graduate school and earn a master’s degree in social work or criminal justice. I would love to work for the FBI or become a social worker who works with children and pregnant women.

One Thing People Don’t Know About You Is: I have a pet fish named Beans.