Another Record Total Receive FAR Scholar-Athlete Award
Sam Simpson (left) helped lead Seattle Pacific to the GNAC Men's Basketball Championships title while Central Washington's Alexa Shindruk was a cross country and track All-American.
Sam Simpson (left) helped lead Seattle Pacific to the GNAC Men's Basketball Championships title while Central Washington's Alexa Shindruk was a cross country and track All-American.

Friday, July 12, 2019

PORTLAND, Ore. – For the third consecutive year, a record number of student-athletes are being recognized for exceptional academic achievement with the Great Northwest Athletic Conference’s Faculty Athletic Representative Scholar-Athlete Award.

A total of 248 student-athletes, 70 men and 178 women, are being honored for compiling a cumulative grade point average of 3.85 or better. All student-athletes listed on any squad at a GNAC full-member school, regardless of whether the sport is a GNAC championship sport, are eligible for the award. Conference affiliate members could nominate student-athletes from the sport in which they compete for the GNAC.

Of the 248 honored student-athletes, 124 are repeat selections accounting for 50 percent of the total list. The honorees include 53 student-athletes (19 men, 34 women) who finished the 2018-19 academic year with a GPA of 4.00 or better (Simon Fraser grades on a system which awards a 4.33 for an A-plus).

Eighteen student-athletes received their fourth FAR Scholar-Athlete Award. Four-time women’s selections include Alaska Anchorage’s Alix Wells (skiing) and Casey Wright (skiing); Central Washington’s Brenna Liebel (track and field), Kaycee O’Brien (volleyball) and Alexa Shindruk (cross country/track and field); Concordia’s Katrina Linenko (track and field), Montana State Billings’ Lili Delgadillo (soccer), Northwest Nazarene’s Olivia Carter (soccer) and Cassidy Fifield (softball), Seattle Pacific’s Emma Young (soccer), Simon Fraser’s Carli Grosso (soccer) and Western Oregon’s Natalie DeLonge (basketball) and Ali Nelke (basketball).

Men’s four-time honorees include Alaska Anchorage’s Marcus Deuling (skiing), Central Washington’s Justin Wendling (track and field), Montana State Billings’ Jared Winslow (baseball), Seattle Pacific’s Sam Simpson (basketball) and Western Oregon’s Tyler Jones (cross country/track and field).

In addition to the 18 four-time honorees, a total of 44 student-athletes earned their third FAR Scholar-Athlete Awards.

A faculty athletic representative (FAR) is a member of the faculty at an NCAA member institution who has been designated to serve as a liaison between the institution’s faculty and the athletic department. The FAR serves as a representative of the institution in conference and NCAA affairs.

The role of the FAR is “to ensure that the academic institution establishes and maintains the appropriate balance between academics and athletics.”


Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
* Josiah Alverts Cross Country/Skiing Mechanical Engineering So. 3.92
Morgan Erickson Rifle Justice Fr. 4.00
* Arnaud Guyon Cross Country/Skiing Communication Sr. 3.93
Caleb Hite Ice Hockey Accounting Fr. 3.86
Zephan Ozturgut Cross Country General Studies Fr. 3.86
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
* Trey deGraaf Ice Hockey Management & Marketing So. 3.95
*** Marcus Deuling Skiing History Sr. 3.97
Brock Helvey Cross Country/Track Management Fr. 4.00
Titus Kangogo Track and Field Mechanical Engineering Fr. 4.00
* Zac Masson Ice Hockey Management So. 3.95
Jacob Moos Cross Country/Track Aviation Fr. 4.00
JC Schoonmaker Skiing Health Sciences Fr. 4.00
* Eric Sinclair Ice Hockey Construction Management So. 3.95
* Michael Soetaert Skiing Health Sciences So. 4.00
** David Trinkberger Ice Hockey Management Jr. 3.96
** Dominic Unterberger Skiing Accounting Jr. 4.00
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Adam Schwab Football Systems Engineering Fr. 3.85
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
** Matt Conrardy Cross Country/Track Visual & Performing Arts Jr. 3.87
* Jaden Hassell Baseball Information Tech & Administrative
Jr. 3.87
* Harrison Horwath Track and Field Undeclared So. 4.00
Cameron McGrath Baseball Undeclared Jr. 3.89
** Yi-An Pan Baseball Accounting Jr. 3.85
Lewis Pope Basketball Undeclared Fr. 3.86
*** Justin Wendling Track and Field Biological & Medical Studies Sr. 3.88
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Jared Akin Baseball Business Jr. 3.96
** Adam Brown Track & Field Chemistry Jr. 3.92
Matthew Cunningham Soccer Marketing So. 3.93
* Isaiah Hatch Baseball Business Sr. 3.88
* Fernando Herrera, Jr. Soccer Business Sr. 3.95
Robert Kochis Cross Country/Track Secondary Education Fr. 3.85
Brandon McCurtain Soccer Exercise & Sports Science Jr. 3.95
* Jake Roes Baseball Business Sr. 3.96
Noah Swigart Soccer Biology Jr. 3.85
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Tevin Hall Baseball Business Administration:
General Business
Fr. 4.00
Sam Elliott Basketball Busines Administration: Finance Fr. 4.00
Sammy Legleu Basketball Business Administration:
General Business
Fr. 3.87
** Sam Muskat Baseball Political Science Jr. 3.93
Jakim Ricketts Basketball Business Administration: Finance Fr. 3.97
*** Jared Winslow Baseball Health & Human Performance:
Performance Option
Sr. 3.94
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Nathan Cassara Baseball Business Administration Fr. 3.99
* Ben Johnson Baseball Biology: Pre-Medicine Fr. 3.97
* Levi Lewis Cross Country/Track Christian Ministry Fr. 3.87
** Drew Lunt Golf Financial Economics Jr. 3.96
Caleb Martinez Baseball Business Administration Fr. 4.00
Alex Nadermann Soccer Engineering Fr. 4.00
* Lincoln Olson Golf Accounting Sr. 3.94
George Reidy Basketball Youth Ministry Fr. 3.97
Tyler Shea Cross Country/Track Mathematics Fr. 3.93
** Luke Vaartstra Golf Psychology Sr. 3.96
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Andrew Oslin Cross Country/Track Undeclared Fr. 3.85
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
* Harry Cavell Basketball Business Administration So. 3.86
** Luke Postma Soccer Accounting Sr. 3.97
*** Sam Simpson Basketball Biochemistry Sr. 3.90
* Travis Swallow Soccer Business Administration So. 3.98
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Ben Conrad Track and Field Computing Science Sr. 3.99
Liam Foster Track and Field History/English So. 4.09
Jordan Schmidt Track and Field Business Administration Fr. 4.08
* Ryan Stolys Golf Engineering Science So. 4.17
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Burke Albaugh Football Business Fr. 3.94
Codi Blodgett Track and Field Business Sr. 3.88
Patrick Chung Baseball MSE Information Systems Sr. 3.88
*** Tyler Jones Track and Field Business & Mathematics Sr. 4.00
** Dustin Nading Cross Country/Track Exercise Science Sr. 3.95
Collin Runge Baseball Communication Studies Sr. 4.00
* Drew Tingstadt Football Economics So. 4.00
Brett Traeger Football Exercise Science Fr. 3.90
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Gus Diehl Soccer Undeclared Fr. 3.97
Bryce Rosenwald Cross Country/Track Philosophy Fr. 4.00
Alessandro Tomasi Soccer Undeclared Fr. 3.88
** Cameron Unks Soccer Biology/Behavioral Neuroscience Jr. 3.87
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
* Alex Bergholtz Cross Country Chemistry Jr. 3.87
Catherine Reed-Metayer Cross Country/Skiing Psychology Fr. 4.00
* Sage Robine Cross Country/Skiing Biological Sciences Fr. 4.00
* Kati Roivas Cross Country/Skiing Counseling Jr. 4.00
** Kylie Wallace Basketball Social Work Jr. 3.94
* Lahra Weber Volleyball Chemistry So. 3.93
* Cate Whiting Volleyball Civil Engineering So. 3.94
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
* Ruth Cvancara Cross Country/Track Nursing So. 3.96
Kate Fandrich Gymnastics Health Sciences Fr. 3.88
Kimani Fernandez Basketball Psychology Fr. 3.90
Ellen Floyd Volleyball Accounting Fr. 3.88
* Grace Gannon Cross Country/Track Psychology So. 4.00
Ann Gebauer Track and Field Art Fr. 3.87
** Natalie Hynes Skiing Health Sciences Jr. 4.00
*** Yvonne Jeschke Track and Field Physical Education Sr. 4.00
** Michaela Keller-Miller Cross Country/Skiing Accounting Jr. 4.00
** Louisa Marie Knapp Gymnastics Physical Education & Psycholgy So. 3.96
Ali Marvel Gymnastics Sociology Fr. 3.86
Mackenzie Miller Gymnastics Accounting Jr. 3.86
Kristina Natalenko Skiing Biological Sciences Fr. 3.96
Winter Osborne Gymnastics Art So. 3.87
** Marie Ries Track and Field Journalism & English Jr. 4.00
Sofie Riley Gymnastics Elementary Education So. 3.95
** Hannah Rudd Skiing Languages Jr. 3.91
Eve Stephens Volleyball Accounting Fr. 4.00
*** Alix Wells Skiing Health Sciences Sr. 3.97
*** Casey Wright Skiing Physical Education Sr. 4.00
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
* Alycia Bannan Softball Undeclared So. 3.91
** Spencer Boldt Rugby Undeclared Jr. 3.97
Peyton Brown Basketball Undeclared Fr. 3.85
** Delaney Clem Cross Country/Track Biological & Biomedical Science Jr. 3.99
* Katie Collins Track and Field Business Sr. 3.90
Josie Deming Volleyball Undeclared Fr. 3.97
Gracee Dwyer Softball Undeclared Fr. 3.86
* Kayla Ellis Softball Liberal Arts & Sciences Sr. 3.89
* Jordan Engman Soccer Undeclared So. 3.87
Kate Evans Cross Country/Track Undeclared Fr. 3.97
Ashley Fahey Cross Country/Track Undeclared Fr. 3.96
Megan Fox Soccer Undeclared Fr. 3.85
Carly Gibbon Volleyball Undeclared Fr. 3.97
Samantha Goedde Cross Country/Track Undeclared Fr. 3.88
Caitlin Gohr Cross Country/Track Undeclared Fr. 3.97
Halle Irvine Track & Field Biological & Biomedical Studies Jr. 3.87
Isabelle Jacob Volleyball Undeclared Fr. 3.86
* Mariah Jones Track and Field Health Professions & Related Studies So. 3.93
Noelia Juarez Track and Field Undeclared Jr. 3.87
Madison Lee Volleyball Undeclared Fr. 4.00
*** Brenna Liebel Track and Field Biological & Biomedical Studies Sr. 3.93
Molly Mattson Cross Country/Track Undeclared Fr. 3.86
*** Kaycee O’Brien Volleyball Family & Child Life Studies Jr. 3.94
Yareli Ochoa Track and Field Undeclared Fr. 3.88
* Olivia Olason Soccer Elementary Education/Special Ed. Sr. 3.99
* Emily Russell Soccer Undeclared So. 3.92
*** Alexa Shindruk Cross Country/Track Business Management/Accounting Sr. 4.00
* Brittany Stevens Track and Field Education Jr. 3.93
* Alexia Thomas Track and Field Undeclared So. 3.97
* Emily Thomson Soccer Undeclared So. 3.98
Bryn Waite Soccer Undeclared Fr. 3.92
* Kayla Wyatt Track and Field Undeclared So. 3.93
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
* Chelsea Bone Track and Field Business Sr. 3.96
Allie Hancock Softball Biology Jr. 3.87
** Rebecca Harris Soccer Pre-Nursing Jr. 3.96
** Gabriella Hobson Cross Country/Track Exercise & Sports Science Jr. 3.91
*** Katrina Linenko Track and Field Exercise & Sports Science Sr. 3.86
* Mckenzie Smith Softball Business Sr. 3.89
** Jessica Wheeler Volleyball Elementary Education Jr. 3.97
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Brenna Beckett Track and Field Broadfield Science – Teaching Option Jr. 3.88
*** Lili Delgadillo Soccer Health & Human Performance:
Human Performance Option
Sr. 3.95
** Jordan Devoto Soccer Health & Human Performance:
Health & Wellness Option
Sr. 3.98
Emily Gaines Soccer Psychology Fr. 3.94
Abby Hamilton Soccer Biology Fr. 4.00
** Amanda Hemmen Soccer Biology Jr. 4.00
Julia Keller Soccer Business Adminsitration Fr. 3.97
** Jeanann Lemelin Basketball Public Relations Jr. 3.88
** Rachel Lythgoe Soccer English Jr. 3.99
Tierney Messmer Golf Health Administration Fr. 4.00
Shannon Reny Basketball Health & Human Performance:
Human Performance Option
Fr. 4.00
* Kalin Sandow Soccer Psychology Jr. 3.87
Shaniah Schwend Track and Field Elementary Education Sr. 3.88
* Courteney Shovlin Soccer History Jr. 3.91
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
*** Olivia Carter Soccer Master’s of Business Administration Sr. 3.96
* Bethany Danner Cross Country/Track Secondary Education: Math Jr. 4.00
Anna DePew Track and Field Biology: Pre-Medicine Fr. 4.00
Sage Earnest Cross Country/Track Communication Fr. 3.87
Taylor Entenman Golf Accounting Fr. 3.90
* Brooke Felzien Soccer Accounting Jr. 3.88
*** Cassidy Fifield Softball Chemistry Sr. 3.87
Brooke Foster Volleyball Art: Graphic Design Fr. 3.89
** Kourtney Gwin Track and Field Biology: Pre-Medicine Jr. 3.95
* Katie Heckathorn Track and Field Biology: Pre-Medicine So. 3.99
Hannah Holloway Golf Political Science So. 3.85
Kalen Johnson Cross Country/Track Nursing Fr. 3.98
Taylor Jones Volleyball Accounting Jr. 3.85
Casey Kispert Volleyball Marketing So. 3.87
McKenzie Lee Volleyball Recreation Sports Management Fr. 3.96
** Megan Nelson Volleyball Biology Jr. 3.89
* Heidi Nisly Cross Country/Track English So. 3.89
Jenny Nobbs Track and Field Art: Graphic Design Fr. 3.97
Nicole Nobbs Track and Field Management & Marketing Sr. 3.85
Breann Porter Track and Field Biology: Pre-Medicine Fr. 4.00
* Kylie Orr Softball Secondary Education: Kinesiology Sr. 3.87
** Corrinah Schaefer Soccer Biology: Pre-Medicine Jr. 3.94
Natalie Sullivan Volleyball Computer Graphic Design Fr. 3.87
** Madi Taylor Soccer Pre-Physical Therapy Sr. 3.91
Magda Wronski Soccer Undeclared Fr. 3.86
** Tennyson Young Soccer Management Jr. 3.97
Lauren Zuba Soccer Nursing Fr. 3.89
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Bridgette Bourgouin Volleyball Biology Fr. 3.93
Brianna Cabrera Track and Field Psychology Fr. 3.90
Lindsey Dorney Cross Country/Track Elementary Education Sr. 3.85
** Kianna Garmanian Track and Field Communication Studies Jr. 4.00
* Emily Gooding Volleyball Business Administration So. 3.91
Makenzie Kaech Basketball Biology Fr. 3.90
* Ali Koehler Soccer Chemistry Sr. 3.87
Liz Larson Track and Field Mathematics & Biology Sr. 3.85
** Marissa Miller Basketball Criminal Justice & Psychology Jr. 3.95
Megan Nilsson Basketball Business Administration Jr. 3.96
** Kylee Sarchett Soccer Elementary Education Sr. 3.93
Katherine Swor Golf Communication Studies Fr. 3.97
Emily Thornton Softball Biology Jr. 3.85
* Yeshi Vaughan Cross Country/Track Social Work Jr. 3.87
Emma Wrede Basketball Business Administration Fr. 3.97
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Mariah Alexander Soccer Business Adminstration Fr. 4.00
Abbie Anderson Soccer Physiology Fr. 3.89
LeeAnn Arrington Rowing English Fr. 3.85
** Julia DeVere Soccer Psychology Sr. 3.92
* Talia Ferguson Rowing Nursing So. 3.94
Dania Holmberg Cross Country/Track Psychology So. 3.86
Madison Ibale Soccer Visual Communications So. 3.85
* Brooke Lancaster Soccer Accounting Sr. 3.91
Madison Licari Track & Field Mathematics Fr. 4.00
* Suzanne Stafford Rowing Biochemistry So. 3.96
** Sierra Smith Soccer Accounting So. 3.92
Elizabeth Thompson Cross Country/Track History So. 3.86
Kayli Tran Gymnastics Visual Communications Fr. 3.93
** Katherine Walter Cross Country/Track Accounting Jr. 3.97
Kelsey Washenberger Track & Field Applied Human Biology Fr. 3.87
*** Emma Young Soccer Economics Jr. 3.88
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
Calli Charlton Track and Field Behavioral Neuroscience Fr. 3.97
* Emily Chilton Cross Country/Track Biomedical Physiology So. 4.26
Katerina Dolguikh Volleyball Cognitive Science Jr. 3.99
*** Carli Grosso Soccer Kinesiology Jr. 4.19
Jessica Jones Basketball Criminology So. 3.95
* Laura Jones Golf Health Sciences Jr. 4.25
Sophie Klassen Basketball Health Sciences Fr. 4.13
Estee Leung Golf Biomedical Physiology So. 3.98
* Bianca Te Volleyball Kinesiology So. 4.23
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
** Rachel Bayly Cross Country/Track Interdisciplinary Studies Jr. 3.98
Danel Camacho Cross Country/Track Community Health Jr. 4.00
* Juliana Cameron Volleyball Business Fr. 4.00
*** Natalie DeLonge Basketball Exercise Science Jr. 3.87
** Megan Drader Cross Country/Track Interdisciplinary Studies Jr. 3.94
* Allyson Drury Softball Biology So. 4.00
Shariah Green Basketball Computer Science Jr. 3.88
** Morgan Haskett Volleyball Psychology Jr. 3.96
* Dana Jacobs Soccer Psychology Sr. 3.91
* Eleanor Jones Soccer Early Childhood Education Jr. 3.88
** Selene Konyn Soccer Early Childhood Education Jr. 4.00
** Grace Knapp Cross Country/Track Biology Jr. 3.99
* Natalie Legras Track and Field Information Systems So. 3.96
*** Ali Nelke Basketball Business Sr. 4.00
Kaitlin Poe Soccer Early Childhood Education Jr. 3.85
Alex Qualls Soccer Criminal Justice Jr. 3.93
** Morgan Roan Soccer Education Sr. 3.85
Olivia Woods Cross Country/Track Psychology Sr. 3.86
Michaela Yonkman Cross Country/Track History So. 3.85
Name Sport Academic Major Year GPA
* Maddie Bangasser Rowing Kinesiology So. 3.98
Chloe Biscup Volleyball Undeclared So. 3.85
* Tess Biscup Volleyball Management So. 3.90
Anneka Bostrom Rowing Undeclared So. 3.87
Aliyah Dawkins Track and Field Behavioral Neuroscience Fr. 4.00
Claire Henninger Soccer Kinesiology Fr. 3.88
** Aundrea Koger Cross Country/Track Biology/German Jr. 3.88
Anna Maracich Volleyball Undeclared Fr. 4.00
Haley Moss Rowing Communication/Sociology Fr. 3.89
Hannah Nienaber Track and Field Environmental Science So. 3.87
Hattie North Soccer Anthropology Sr. 3.85
Paige Shimkus Track and Field Biology Fr. 4.00
*** - Four-Time FAR Award Recipient      
** - Three-Time FAR Award Recipient
* - Two-Time FAR Award Recipient