SAAC Spotlight: Alaska Anchorage's Jackson McTier
Jackson McTier contributed in 17 games off the bench for the Seawolves in 2016-17 and has been involved in SAAC for four years.
Jackson McTier contributed in 17 games off the bench for the Seawolves in 2016-17 and has been involved in SAAC for four years.
Jackson McTier
Jackson McTier

Friday, June 9, 2017

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Throughout the year, uses this space to profile conference student-athletes who are members of their respective institutions' Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). In addition to providing feedback on the student-athlete experience, conference and institutional SAAC members also offer input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes' lives on NCAA member institution campuses. Click here for more information on the function of SAAC at the NCAA level.

Name: Jackson McTier
Sport: Men’s Basketball
School: Alaska Anchorage
Year: Senior
Major: Nautral Sciences - Pre-Health Professions
Hometown: Rockhampton, Australia

Extracurricular Activities: Hiking, fishing and surfing.

Why Did You Choose To Attend Alaska Anchorage?: I chose to attend UAA because I wanted to go somewhere that was different to Australia.

What Is Your Favorite Class You Have Taken In College And Why: Biological neuropsychology. It was really interesting learning about what goes on in the brain when your body is undergoing stress. Plus we got to play with human brains!

Who Is Your Favorite Professor You've Had In College & What Did You Enjoy Learning From Him Or Her: Patrick Tomco. He was my professor for organic chemistry and made the class a lot of fun. He was extremely helpful with everything,

Years Involved In SAAC: Four.

Why Did You Get Involved In SAAC?: I chose to get involved in SAAC to help voice the opinion of my team as well as get the chance to do community service.

Most Memorable SAAC Activity: The most memorable SAAC activity would have to be our "Reading With The Seawolves," where we around to schools and got to read to the kids and tell our stories.

Favorite Part Of The GNAC SAAC Retreat: Hiking up to Multnomah Falls. Such an amazing view up there.

What Is The Most Important Thing You've Learned From Balancing The Demands Of Athletics & Academics?: Time management! It is tough juggling academics, athletics and a social life. If you can manage your time wisely and prioritize, then you're capable of everything.

What Does It Mean To Be A Division II Student-Athlete?: Being A Division II student-athlete means you're part of a community bigger than just your team, your athletic department and even your school. It means you're a part of the city and state that you represent. It means friendships that will last a lifetime and knowledge that will stay with you forever.

Current Mentors: My coaches, my family and my priest from back home.

Future Goals After School: My future goal is to become a cardiothoracic surgeon in Australia.

Biggest Obstacle Overcome During Collegiate Career: The biggest obstacle I have overcome is being away from my family, in a different country, all alone and having to grow up and become more independent. I am doing things now that I wouldn't have thought possible four years ago.

Best Advice You Would Give To An Incoming Person: The best advice I would give is just to enjoy everything you can. Embrace the college experience and love the journey!

If You Could Spend The Day With One Person (Past Or Present), Who Would It Be And Why?: It would have to be Neil deGrasse Tyson. He has an amazing view on the world and it would be interesting to talk life with him.

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Bulls

Favorite Athlete: Scottie Pippen

Most Memorable Sports-Related Moment: My most memorable sports-related moment took place over the summer. I played basketball while I was home and my uncle passed away. So the next game we played, I played it in honor of him and played one of the best games of life.

One Thing People Don't Know About Me Is: I am massive fan of Superman.