Women in Sports Profile: Associated Press' Anne Peterson
The longtime sports writer for the Associated Press in Portland, Anne Peterson (right) has also worked multiple Olympics and international sports events for the AP.
The longtime sports writer for the Associated Press in Portland, Anne Peterson (right) has also worked multiple Olympics and international sports events for the AP.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The third “Women in Sports” career seminar, presented by the Great Northwest Athletic Conference, will be held on Sat., April 8 in Portland, Ore.

Designed for college and high school females interested in pursuing sports-related careers, the seminar will take place at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum.

The event will feature panelists from a broad cross-section of occupational paths, including coaching, administration, business, marketing, media, media relations, NCAA compliance, sports medicine, ticket sales and officiating. Attendees will have an opportunity to interact with — and seek career advice from — a slate of experienced sports professionals in a round-table format.

Below is a profile on a panelist who will be featured at this year's event.

Sports Writer
Colleges Attended: University of Southern California
College Major: Journalism
Years In Current Position: 30 Years

Primary Job Responsibilities: Coverage of Oregon sports, including Oregon and Oregon State athletics, other colleges, the Portland Trail Blazers and the Portland Timbers. I also cover soccer as an international/Olympic beat.

Things You Enjoy Most About Your Job: I actually really enjoy deadline writing most of all. It is a rush. I also like the fact that my days are never the same. And the fact that someone pays me to cover sports is astounding to me.

Why Did You Pursue A Professional Career In The Athletics Industry: I originally wanted to become an entertainment writer. I fell into sports writing because I had a knack for it.

First Job In The Sports Industry: Covering the Boston Red Sox for the AP in 1989.

A Key Mentor Who Helped You On Your Career Path: Those who encouraged me include Nancy Gay, Ann Killion and Michelle Smith.

Most Influential Person In My Early Professional Development: Probably Lisa Olson. I was with the AP in Boston when she was harassed by the New England Patriots. The outcry over the treatment of her helped pave the way for my career.

Biggest Hurdle You Overcame Breaking Into The Sports Industry: Male athletes/teams/organizations taking me seriously.

Key Attributes That Have Helped You Be Successful: I have never called attention to myself. I've just done my job. I've tried to be as fair and accurate as possible. Apparently my tactic worked because I'm still here.

Best Advice You Would Give To A Young Female Wanting To Work In Sports: Network, network, network.

Favorite Sports Team: San Francisco Giants. I can be a fan now that I no longer cover them.

Favorite Athlete: Neymar

Most Memorable Sports-Related Moment: The 2008 Beijing Olympics. I covered the U.S. men's volleyball team which won the gold medal. But the backstory made it memorable: The coach's father-in-law was stabbed to death at a Beijing tourist attraction just before opening ceremonies. The coach left the team during group play, but returned to lead the team to the final, where they beat favorite Brazil. After the winning point, the coach vanished from the court while everyone else celebrated. Alone and sobbing, he called his wife to tell her the team had won.