Viewer-Friendly Enhancements for GNAC.TV in 2014-15
A host of viewer-friendly enhancements are part of a redesign of the GNAC.TV video streaming portal this year.
A host of viewer-friendly enhancements are part of a redesign of the GNAC.TV video streaming portal this year.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PORTLAND, Ore. – GNAC.TV, the online video-streaming portal of the Great Northwest Athletic Conference, has undergone a significant redesign which will feature a number of upgrades that will make watching conference events more viewer-friendly in 2014-15, GNAC commissioner Dave Haglund announced.

“These improvements are intended to enhance the viewing experience for all of our fans, and we appreciate the effort by our partners at Stretch Internet in making these happen,” said Haglund. “Most important, virtually every one of these upgrades is available on the video portals of the conference's full members, all of whom are part of the GNAC.TV family."

Among the enhancements to be rolled out during the academic year:

Easy Access
Just type “GNAC.TV” into the URL of any device and be immediately taken to the home page of the conference video portal. While there, access all video streams being offered by full members of the GNAC.

Comprehensive Live Stats
In addition to tracking the updated game situation and stats, viewers will be provided the option of experiencing a rich statistical presentation featuring comparison of team stats, trends, box scores and more.

Live Game Feed
GNAC.TV will soon allow viewers to track a host of features in one convenient tab – including the most recent plays, game-specific tweets, and instant highlights.

Multi-View Option
Want to view multiple games at the same time? GNAC.TV has you covered. Just utilize the picture-in-picture and multi-view features to watch up to four games at the same time.

Launch Screen
The new launch screen of GNAC.TV creates a rich, customized and intuitive starting point for fans.

Device Agnostic
The responsive redesign of GNAC.TV allows fans to access streams, stats and more on any device – computer, tablet, smart phone – while enjoying an experience customized for their specific medium.

Score Tracker
Monitor scores of other live games (live stats must be enabled). Better yet, view all conference schedules and scores and easily switch to live video of any game.

Social Media Integration
The upgraded portal will feature incredibly tight integration with Facebook and Twitter, allowing fans to share links to video streams on their social media accounts.