Women In Sports Profile: Adidas' Ngozi Monu
Monu's primary role with Adidas involves client communications with Adidas' realtionship with the Portland Trail Blazers.
Monu's primary role with Adidas involves client communications with Adidas' realtionship with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The third “Women in Sports” career seminar, presented by the Great Northwest Athletic Conference, will be held Saturday, April 8 in Portland, Ore.

Designed for college and high school females interested in pursuing sports-related careers, the seminar will take place at Memorial Coliseum.

The event will feature panelists from a broad cross-section of occupational paths, including coaching, administration, business, marketing, media, media relations, NCAA compliance, sports medicine, ticket sales, and officiating. Attendees will have an opportunity to interact with -- and seek career advice from -- a slate of experienced sports professionals in a round-table format. 

Below is a profile on a panelist who will be featured at this year's event.

Corporate Communications Coordinator
Colleges Attended: University of Washington
College Major: Communications, Public Relations focus
Years In Current Position: 3 Months

Primary Job Responsibilities: Maintain a high level of customer service to existing and new clients of the Portland Trail Blazers. I prospect, establish, research and close sales leads through appointments, cold-calling and networking. I consistently enter client data into CRM database throughout the sales process to aid in information sharing between sales and service. I work closely with ticket operations and guest relations departments to achieve sales and prospecting goals.

Things You Enjoy Most About Your Job: Getting to interact with different clients on a daily basis and being able to create memorable moments for them.

Why You Pursued A Professional Career In The Athletics Industry: Growing up, I was heavily involved with sports and I knew if I wasn't playing at a professional level that I wanted to be on the business side of the sports industry. My passion and love for sports, especially basketball, is what led me to my current position now.

First Job In The Sports Industry: My first job in the sports industry was with the Seattle Seahawks. I was their suites and hospitality intern the summer after they won the Super Bowl.

A Key Mentor Who Helped You On Your Career Path: A key mentor who helped me on my career path was Del Wilber, who started a foundation called The Perfect Game Foundation. This foundation helps students find careers in the sports industry by linking them up with cool networking opportunities as well as introducing you to key influencers in the sports industry. 

Most Influential Person In Your Early Professional Development: The most influential person in my early professional development was my older sister. I watched her pursue her dream career and saw the hard work that she puts into getting into the profession she is now. She taught me to never give up and to always go after what you're passionate about. All in all, she was the one who really put the fire under me to find a career in sports at an early age. 

Biggest Hurdle You Overcame Breaking Into The Sports Industry: The biggest hurdle for me was just finding ways to separate myself from the masses. There are a lot of people looking to find a career in sports, so the hardest thing was trying to find ways to make my application stand out. This is why I value the importance of networking because it really helped me overcome this obstacle.

Key Attributes That Have Helped Shape Your Career Path: My ability to create memorable connections with people I meet and my resilient attitude are some attributes that have helped me to be successful.

Looking Back, What Is One Thing That You Did In College Or Early On To Help You Along My Career Path? It's never too early to start networking! I didn't think networking was important until my last year of college and, looking back on it now, I wish I started as early as my freshman year. It's important to create relationships early on with different professionals because they are the ones who will help you in the long run.

Best Advice You Would Give To A Young Female Wanting To Work In Sports: The best advice I'd give to any female wanting to work in sports would be to always be persistent. In a field that is heavily dominated by males, it's important to never give up and to network every chance you get because your hard work and persistence will pay off.

Favorite Sports Team: Seattle Seahawks

Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant 

Most Memorable Sports-Related Moment: Getting fifth place in the state tournament my freshman year as a member of the varsity high school basketball team.